Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Look at the Numbers

For those of you who like to look at numbers, I've created some handy pie charts as a visual aid to track the progress of my support. Woohoo! I know we all love pie! ;)

First, let's take a minute to look at where your monthly donations will be going. Below is a rough estimate of the distribution of funds. If you haven't already guessed, living in Germany can be pretty expensive. Not only do we have to deal with the conversion rate of the US dollar to the Euro, but there are also a lot of taxes put into place by the German government. (For example, there is a tax for every radio, TV, and computer that you have in your home!) Along with funds for housing, utilities, and taxes, I am also going to need some reliable medical, home, and life insurance...oh, and food. That's always important. :)

While this chart might do a decent job of showing the practical results of your support, it shows very little of the spiritual significance.

Remember that your gifts allow me to:
1. Follow God's call in my life
2. Live and work full-time with missionary kids (MKs) from around the world
3. Use my training and experience as a teacher and a coach for something bigger than myself
4. Mentor young people in what it means to live for Christ
5. Share the Gospel, the message of the good news of Jesus, with the next generation
6. Bless missionary parents by allowing them to continue to serve God overseas
7. Be a part of creating a safe and nurturing environment for MKs to live, learn, and grow

So, thank you, again. I couldn't go on this journey without you!

Now, let's take a look at where I am with the "Monthly Donations." Prepare yourself, here comes another one of those delicious pie charts:

For all of you mathematical people, you've probably already determined that I am currently at 20% of my necessary funding. Yay! (That means we've at least covered the "Insurance" portion of my support. However, I've still got to pay rent, taxes, groceries, utilities...you get the picture. I still have a long way to go! But, definitely making progress!)

 As you probably remember, I also have to raise $5,000 in one-time gifts in order to cover airfare, apartment start-up costs, and TeachBeyond training at Wheaton College this coming June! So, now, it's time for pie chart #3...and, this time, the news is even better!

It looks like we have reached over 60% in the one-time support costs! God is good. :)
Thank you for giving, thanks for praying, and thanks for checking in to see how I am doing!

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